Our Curriculum

Safari House encompasses all aspects of learning in the following ways:
* We teach the WHOLE child
* We teach positive valuing lessons daily
The Zoo-phonics curriculum includes phonemic awareness, literature, reading, spelling, writing, math, science, social studies, arts, music and sensory drama.

Our fun, integrated language arts programme aims to develop each child’s language to the fullest.
Our English-Chinese Mandarin integrated bilingual programme provides your child with maximum exposure to both languages.

Our Environments

At Safari House Preschool, we provide a conducive, stimulating and child-friendly environment where every child and parent will feel cared for, respected and comfortable.

Our teachers and staff are all caring, nurturing and have a strong passion for children’s learning and development.

Our Learner Profile

  • We are confident learners.
  • We are communicators.
  • We respect one another.
  • We are enthusiastic learners.
  • We are curious inquirers.
  • We are knowledgeable.
  • We are thinkers.
  • We are creative.

Our Programmes

  • Infants (3 – 18 months)
  • Toddlers  (18 – 30 months)
  • Nursery 1 (year child turns 3)
  • Nursery 2 (year child turns 4)
  • Kindergarten 1 (year child turns 5)
  • Kindergarten 2   (year child turns 6)

For more details, please visit our Zoo-phonics School