• Safari House is a space where your child feels safe to explore both the world around them, and the potential within themselves.

    • Progressive learning programmes

      We nurture your child’s curiosity, inspire their creativity and strengthen their confidence as they discover their sense of self and explore new knowledge through an intentional, varied and proven curriculum.

    • Inspiring life-long learning in young minds

      While children are active participants in shaping their own journey with learning, they are guided by carefully selected teachers who are passionate about providing the best foundations for your child’s education.

    Our guiding philosophy is to nurture each child’s development to the fullest, aspiring to produce superior learners for tomorrow’s world.

    We are inspired by the opportunity to help shape future leaders, creators and innovators by instilling a love of learning, a curiosity to seek knowledge, an understanding of self, empathy for others and appreciation for the world around them.

    With this vision, we aspire to be recognised as a leading provider of premier education for young learners in Singapore.

    Through an age-appropriate, multi-sensory approach, we help prepare your child not only for school, but for a future of incredible possibilities.

    While we know that learning happens in many ways, we embrace the proven methodology of Zoo-phonics as a foundation for learning. Zoo-phonics offers a whole-brain kinesthetic method to teaching children phonics and reading.

    Our fun, playful but concrete manner will captivate and hold the attention of your child, and therefore accelerate their learning.

    Our curriculum, our teachers and our environment all play a part in ensuring your child is given the best educational start in life.

  • With a holistic approach, we teach and empower the whole ‘self’, letting a core set of values guide the way for your child to discover and embrace their full potential.

    • Multi-sensorial, hands-on activities
    • Language arts and phonemic awareness
    • Lessons covering mathematics, science, nature
    • Music, arts and physical education
    • Nutrition, grooming, self-care and social skills
    • Effective bi-lingual environment
    • Progressive curriculum
  • A home away from home

    In our beautiful, fun and inspiring environment, your child will confidently develop friendships as they learn and grow alongside peers.

    Healthy bodies, healthy minds

    We provide a variety of nutritious meals that support your child’s energy, focus, growth and development from the inside out.

    Bringing learning to life

    Learning through play brings opportunities for discovery. Through fun, celebration and support we encourage your child to let their curiosity lead their learning.

    A space made for learning

    Our premium buildings facilitate a space where your child can learn, play and experience the world around them safely and responsibly, with supervision and support.

  • What Others Say About Us

    Here’s what some parents and children say about us