Our Classes

Supporting today’s learners for tomorrow’s world
  • A supportive space for every stage of learning

    Our full-day and half-day preschool programme has six levels of dedicated classes
  • To ensure your child gets the right learning support, education and enrichment for their expanding world, Safari House offers classes suited to the developmental stage of children from early infancy through to 6 years of age.

    • Infant Care
      Teacher Child Ratio = 1:5
      • 3 mths - 18 mths
        Years old
    • Toddlers
      Teacher Child Ratio = 1:8/2:12
      • 18+ mths - 30 mths
        Years old
    • Nursery 1
      Teacher Child Ratio = 1:12/2:18
      • 3
        Years old
    • Nursery 2
      Teacher Child Ratio = 1:15/2:20
      • 4
        Years old
    • Kindergarten 1
      Teacher Child Ratio = 1:20/2:25
      • 5
        Years old
    • Kindergarten 2
      Teacher Child Ratio = 1:25/2:30
      • 6
        Years old
  • Designed with development in mind

    All our centres follow a structured programme that we know engages and challenges your children through active participation. To prioritise engagement with children, we provide good child-to-teacher ratios, in bright and fun environments especially designed to cater for the needs of your child at each stage of the developmental journey. Our families also get the benefit of:

  • Educational field trips

    Our centres offer quarterly off-site field trips to provide stimulating opportunities for your child to explore and learn alongside their peers, beyond the classroom.

    Regular achievement reporting

    We keep you up to date with your child’s individual progress and development through half-yearly and year-end reports.

    Award-winning educational programmes

    We use Zoo-phonics to teach reading and writing in a fun, engaging and memorable way, accelerating your child’s comprehension.

    Enriching investigation

    We encourage your child to use their creative mind and expand their cognitive skills through intentional learning opportunities, every day.

  • Experience the difference of a Safari House school for yourself; we look forward to welcoming you!