About Us

Safari House is a leading provider of premier education for young learners in Singapore
  • A place where bright futures begin

    Safari House is a place where your child is supported to explore their curiosity, gain foundational skills for life-long learning and nurture their own sense of self so they can confidently transition into their future schooling.

    For over 15 years we have been a trusted choice for Singapore families. With our inclusive values, enriching environment and empowering curriculum, we ensure that every child feels safe, respected and inspired to embrace all aspects of learning.

  • Our foundations

    Safari House was founded by two passionate educators and opened its first centre at Dover Singapore in 2009. Since then, we have grown to 16 centres across Singapore. This growth is testament to the success of our programme, our strong sense of centre community and our commitment on-going innovation and excellence in education for early learners.

    We’re proud to hold the Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework (SPARK) across the majority of our centres, and provide our services under the ECDA POP scheme, ensuring the quality, affordability and accessibility of childcare across Singapore.

    The families we welcome to Safari House play an important part in the wonderful culture of our centres, and we encourage all families to enjoy our many activities throughout the year – including recitals, excursions and our year-end concert.

  • A commitment to excellence in early education

    As innovators in education, we are proudly the only preschool in SIngapore incorporating Zoo-phonics into our curriculum. We believe language development (listending, speaking, reading and writing) is the foundation for all learning. Through Zoo-phonics we offer a whole-brain kinesthetic method in the context of connecting subjects designed to enhance your child’s physical, social, emotional, academic and mental development.

    While we are progressive in our approach, we prefer to encourage learning away from gadgets and screens, opting for more hands-on, human-centred opportunities for discovery that help nurture your child’s own imagination, empathy and creativity.

  • Our guiding values

    While our curriculum follows proven methodology, we believe that to prepare for tomorrow’s world, a holistic approach to learning is important. In doing so, we encourage our students to not only grow academically, but also nurture their emotional intelligence and resilience.

    • We are Creative
    • We are Knowledgeable
    • We Communicate
    • We Respect Each Other
    • We are Thinkers
    • We are Curious Inquirers
    • We are Enthusiastic Learners
    • We are Confident Learners
  • Experience the difference of a Safari House school for yourself; we look forward to welcoming you!